REFRATIVA R.I.O course 2021 investment fee

promotional values for a specific period


Any questions or difficulties with international payment please

contact Elina Paes by WhatsApp +5517997239711




*In the act of filling out the online registration form, you will be requested

that the document of the Ophthalmology Service that demonstrates the Resident status be attached.

**The dollar amount is estimated and depends on the quotations in relation

to the Brazilian currency and the floating exchange rate on the day of registration.

PAYMENT ON THE CREDIT CARD value will be converted

according to the dollar or local currency exchange of the day


The entire course has a simultaneous translation into English and Spanish.

You just have to pick the headset.

It will be a pleasure to receive you in Brazil; we always have many participants from other countries.


Wet Labs:

We are going to have 30 different Wet labs

There is no additional charge for the wet labs. You just need to pick those wet labs you prefer to attend.

We will reach out to you before the course starts about the wet labs of your choice.


Refund Policy:

In case of withdrawal for any reason, 50% of the value paid will be returned

if communicated up to 60 days before the event (JANUARY 17th, 2021).

After this date, there will be NO refund.



More info please WhatsApp +5517997239711 or email us


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